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Class 10 Science Tuition

Join online tuition for class10 Science from your home with an affordable tuition fee. The new batch of CBSE board class 10 Science tuition has been started by experienced teachers. The tuition fee varies from ₹200/-per hour to ₹1000/- per hour with 3 days per week class. Choose your per-hour budget and accordingly, we will connect you with the online science tutor for class 10 (CBSE Board, New Delhi). Selecting higher tuition fees will enable you to connect with a highly educated and experienced tutor.

The science concepts that are taught in class 10 are the basis for class 11, 12 & all future competitive exams. The CBSE syllabus gets covered through the NCERT textbook of Science as well as through various specialized advanced problem sets. During online tutorials, the difficult scientific concepts get explained in a simple way so that students would not feel lost.

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Class 10 Science
Tuition for class 10 Science is one of the essential requirements to score better in the high school board examination. At this stage, science concepts learned in the lower classes get developed into advanced concepts with a broader sense. Class 10 is the stepping-stone to grab the proper Science concepts that would be a foundation of success in senior secondary school. In this phase, students start preparing for the board exams with full diligence and dedication.
Understanding Science
The syllabus of CBSE board class 10 science is pretty diverse that students required extra support for deeper and correlated understanding. Without proper guidance, many students feel left out and confused about the subject. This makes private tuition a key requirement for students to understand the science subject in detail.

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